One of the HP5!
Light WoolFemaleBrown10 yrs

Angelique is a smaller llama with a great personality. She has some light brown "flames" below / behind her eyes. She is very close to her mom Dusty. Angelique had a very difficult "C Section" birth...

Not for Sale
One of the HP5!
Light WoolFemaleBrown2 yrs

Daughter of Pepper - beautiful strong female! ...

Not for Sale
Guardian of the Girls!
OtherFemaleWhite15 yrs

Not for Sale
One of the HP 5!!
Light WoolFemaleBrown / Grey13 yrs

Dusty is the "alpha" female of the HP5 .... extremely good natured .... and mother of Angelique!...

Not for Sale
Beautiful Conformation!
CcaraFemaleBrown9 yrs

Not for Sale
Our beautiful Rescue!
CcaraFemaleMulti - white / grey / brown17 yrs

A beautiful Classic Llama rescued from Southern Ontario in August 2017. Estimated to be 10 years old....

Not for Sale
One of the HP5!
Light WoolFemaleBrown5 yrs

Pepper is a tall beautiful female - mother of Chilli. ...

Not for Sale
One of the Original HP5!
Light WoolFemaleMedium Brown10 yrs

Salsa is Pepper's mother - a good mom and a big strong tall female!...

Not for Sale
Our "Mila"!!
MixedFemaleMixed2 yrs

A beautiful, strong, multi-coloured girl born to "Penny" - her first ever cria! Sired by our "Serendipity"!...

Not for Sale
MixedFemaleBrown - White - Black5 yrs

"Tiny" was turned over to the sanctuary by some very caring owners who had been using her to guard sheep. She had become bored with this task (not all llamas are guard material!) and was starting to e...

Not for Sale
Our Tressie!!
ChileanFemaleMulti - White / Black / Brown | ILR# 28372610 yrs

Not for Sale
Our Multi Beauty!!
SuriFemaleApaloosa - Browns / Blacks / Whites | ILR# 28372710 yrs

Beautiful Chilean Suri Multi!...

Not for Sale


One of our great old rescues!
MaleMulti-Brown-White21 yrs

An old rescue and a great fellow - one of our farm and sanctuary permanent guests!...

Not for Sale
Guardian of the Big Boy Alpacas!
OtherMale15 yrs

Not for Sale
Another great old rescue!
MaleBlack - Grey21 yrs

One of our super old fellows - a sanctuary rescue and permanent resident! ...

Not for Sale
Our Alpha Male!
CcaraMaleWhite & Black8 yrs

Serendipity is our farm's "alpha male" and one of our best greeters and ambassadors! He was used as stud for the first time in 2017 - results due in 2018!! ...

Not for Sale
Our first suri cria!
SuriMaleSteel grey / white markings4 yrs

Not for Sale

Cria Female

Mila & Chilli have a new sister!
MixedCria FemaleGrey Brown and WhiteUnder 1 yr

Beautiful, big (birth weight 31 lbs!) female with perfect conformation and showing early signs of a spunky personality! ...

Not for Sale